Today was such a wonderful day! The sun was out, we got a ton done on one of the final projects for my public health administration class, and in another class we gave mini Ted talks which were inspiring (there was a wide variety from smiling, laughter and comedy, to beat boxing and contraception. Haha I love my cohort, we are all so unique.

Travis and I also got our marriage license and our bridal session pictures back :) ill post some artistic non revealing shots 

Im in love with these pics!!! Check out more from Anna Gleave Photography

Tonight we went to dinner with my family and had my stake president interview. The stake president counseled us for about an hour on marriage, and the temple! It was seriously so good, I loved the spirit I felt the entire time. My stake president is also a seminary teacher, so he has basically spent his whole career searching the scriptures and learning about the gospel. The main council he gave me was to breathe through the entire temple process and he encouraged us to make it a very strong memory for the both of us! 

I can't wait till I go to the temple at least twice in the next two weeks, and I am so glad Travis gets to be with me both times :) 

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