Today has been an interesting day, I started off by doing some exercise (my parents got an elliptical, and I love it, I feel like the biggest reason I don't exercise as much in the winter is that I have to go outside in the cold to either run or get to a gym.

Then I got ready and met my mom at the distribution center to buy some stuff. My mom took me out to lunch at this delicious taco place called 180 street tacos or something! They were really pretty and pretty good :) 

Now I am at a facility waiting to work on my evaluation, I am here to do interviews. Unfortunately it is very slow today so I've been here for an hour and have seen no one, I have to get 10, gah! 

Tonight me and Travis are going to the BYU basketball game and might go to DI to try to find some used furniture. I've found that looking on Ksl gives me anxiety, I don't like not being able to see something before I buy it. Haha 

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