I was too tired to write last night, but yesterday was a blast :) I got all of my stuff done for the rest of the semester, hallelujah!

Travis and I went to my cohort Christmas party :) it was so fun. Love my mphers so much! We had a delightful potluck, I made Andes mint cookies, you can find the recipe here. I've made them two years in a row, and they were a total hit both times. We had a white elephant, in which my gift, awkward family photos, was the most popular! The we watched the movie the internship (in honor of all the internships we had over the summer) the movie was hilarious, I just didn't love when like 20 minutes of the movie were in a strip club.

Today Travis and I just hung out at my house until we went to see the movie the Saratov, which we have wanted to see for a while. It was amazing and crazy. The basic idea is that 2 LDS missionaries get kidnapped and ransomed in Russia. The craziest part is that it is a true story. In march of 1998 two LDS missionaries were kidnapped in Saratov Russia and held captive for 5 days. I can't even imagine what their families were feeling during that time. As a sister of a current LDS missionary serving in Spain, I was touched to say the least. I would break down if something like that happened to my own brother. 

2 weeks till me and Travis are married :D ahhhhh!!!!!!!

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