Today I was supposed to go into work at 8:30 on frontrunner for a 10am meeting. The weather decided to stop me, Ice storms are the worst!

I ended up running errands for my mom and doing a couple of hours of work. Travis came over and we ate dinner with my family. Then fell asleep on the couch for an hour (Remember before college when I didn't know how to nap? oh how things have changed). 

Travis found a great deal for skiing tomorrow night so we were on a quest to find me boots and poles to use with my little bros old skis. We ended up finding some in his basement that fit me perfectly!! He is so excited, which makes me happy :)

Now I'm doing a little running on the elliptical, multitasking at its finest ;)

Oh also, we created a budget tonight for the next 5 months... weird. It was actually kind of fun though. I like having a partner! 

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