Yesterday Travis and I got to go skiing because we found a sweet night skiing deal at Brighton. It was fun once he helped me get over my fears.

I get married in a week!!!! Ah! I'm so excited its finally almost here :)

In other news, I went through the temple for the first time tonight! It was a wonderful experience. I was happy to have my fiancĂ© and parents there with me to help me and enjoy it with me. I just felt so good and happy throughout the entire thing. Questions came to my mind too, so I better go back to learn more! 

Then tonight Travis had a bachelor party. I accidentally interrupted right when Travis was eating some mixture of sour cream, easy cheese, and chocolate syrup. He burst out laughing and I think spit it out haha. Whoops. Me and Kate's went Christmas shopping and I finished a special someone's gift :) 

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