Today I worked on a bunch of random school projects, met with our florist, and did some work. 

The meeting with our florist was difficult for me because my mom and the florist are both outspoken and opinionated. What I want gets contested a lot, so by the end I said whatever because neither of them were listening. It was frustrating. Afterwords my mom and I got into a little argument. we decided we both just need to be positive towards each other because we are both under a lot of stress. 

Travis texted me around 2pm asking me if tonight was date night, and I told him it is if he wants it to be! We decided to go to my favorite Asian food restraunt fongs in American fork and to a movie, the delivery man (pretty funny).

Then Travis scraped the ice out my wheel wells on my car. I love that boy, he is so helpful. I'd say all in all that equals a good night!   

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