Why is it that Saturdays fly by so fast? I wish I could slow them down!

Today I had a hair appointment, I'm going darker these days to get back to my natural color which is brown.... I guess I am finally getting over the fact that I grew up a toehead. 

Then I met Travis at his friend Jeff's house for lunch and the REAL salt lake game (who thought I'd even be a soccer fan? Def not me haha) so it was the mls championship and REAL lost it in a sudden death shoot out! It was a bummer, especially cuz it made Trav so sad. 

After the game we went to my ward Christmas party which was fun :) I got to see my old roommates and devour an awesome free (being a poor grad student  I always capitalize on these opportunities)

Favorite line of the night: Amanda hey I wanna sit with you because I never see you, we'll actually I'd probly say the same thing even if we still lived together (I have the best friends) 

Then Travis had a soccer game for this indoor league he plays in, and he scored 7 goals!!!!!! He is pretty awesome, but he's taken ladies  ;) 

He dropped me off at home right after cuz he had to drive back to Provo and has early church tomorrow. He also gets to give a talk, his bishop called him at like 3 pm to tell him, perks of being the E.Q. President  (don't know how to spell, ill abbreviate for now). He dropped me off and handed me his snow scraper and was like here you need this more than I do. He looked at my car and was like you should probly do it tonight so the snow doesn't freeze to your car. Then Changed his mind and did it so I didn't have to be in the cold (swoon, I hate cold almost more than anything). He is so adorable, how did I get so lucky? 20 days till this guy is mine forever!!! 

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