Today I had the privilege of going to Travis' ward because he was giving a talk. He showed me his outline last night and asked me to check over it to make sure it made sense, which I told him it did. My only concern had been that he didn't seem to have a bullet point to wrap it up. He told me I'd have to wait to hear it. I'm always amazed by people who can give a talk and let the spirit guide them in the moment. When I give a talk, to feel confident I have to have every single word written out that I intend to say. Sometimes I go off book, but rarely.

Travis was an eloquent speaker. His message was powerful and understandable. He talked about the greatness of Christ at all stages of his being. I felt the spirit as he talked and testified of Christ. Lately I have not been feeling the spirit as much as I would like, and I know that is my fault, I'm not great with scriptures and morning prayers everyday, and the stress of these last few weeks before the semester ends and our wedding is here have been getting to me. 

I want to focus more on Christ during this Christmas season, especially because I am going to be entering into some very amazing and serious covenants in the next few weeks. I want to feel closer to him and ready to accept those ordinances and gifts he has made available to me. 

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