I don't know why but it takes me FOREVER to finally get in my bed, like an hour. Haha every time it takes that long, I'm like what the heck have I been doing this whole time?!

Today I worked in my lab for 9 hours!!! And like actually was working the entire time!! This is a big deal, I usually get so distracted, but today I was just in the zone :) which is good, cuz it's the last week of classes and all my final projects are due. 

After working like a champ, I went over to Travis' apartment and we cooked some dinner, quick pasta mix. We totally botched it cuz we tried to mix in two different kinds so it would actually fill us both up. Anyways, we worked together to find a solution to Half of the packet power being lost in straining, and too much milk for the sauce, and it actually turned out pretty good. 

Travis and I cuddled a bit (one of our favorite pastimes, how could it not be when that was the big question that made me realize I needed to date Travis in the first place). Then we watched ironman 3, which I thought was really good!!! Robert Downy Junior as tony stark is like my favorite, especially since he has become a little more compassionate and human throughout the movies! 

Well I better get to bed before it hits an hour and a half ;) (oh wait already hit that) 

Ps my house is just straight Christmas right now, I guess there is one good thing about snow! 

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