My reasons for blogging

The purpose of starting this blog is essentially to keep a record of my life and put down some of my thoughts. I have been a pretty avid journal writer since elementary school. Unfortunately for the past 2 years or so I have become lax about keeping this record up to date. I thought it might be easier to keep it up online, since I seem to be on a computer always. I also wanted to incorporate into my journals more pictures and this seemed like the easiest way to do that.

Mostly this blog is for me, but I hope other people who come across it will like it as well! I love writing down my thoughts, goals, and experiences. I have a really bad memory, so writing things down is essential for me. I also love going back through old journals (soon to be posts) and reminiscing. Some are hilarious: entries written when I was 15 about my fiance and how hott he was (he is even more attractive these days). Others are more serious: my entry from September 11,2001 with my first ever reaction to terrorism.

So here goes nothing! (this is a weird phrase)

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