Today was a pretty regular day, went to class, avoided work (the two projects I am working on right now are extremely tedious, I shouldn't complain tho I have two amazing and flexible jobs),  I watched an episode of Nashville, and picked up Travis.

We went to my parents house (where I am living right now) and cooked dinner for my family. We went to target to return a couple duplicated gifts that I received at my bridal showers, and we picked up thank you notes (gotta get a head start).

Next we went Christmas shopping for Travis' parents, he wanted to get them books, which I thought was an ambitious choice (but who am I to say no to a book store trip?). He picked out books for them, we will see how well received they are. haha Travis' parents read a lot, so who knows if we got the right genres for them or even books they haven't read yet.

Favorite comment of the night. Travis, "Jess you aren't allowed to buy any books." Me,"but why?" Travis,"you already have a ton at home that you haven't read." He's right but an $8 beautiful copy of Les Miserables was calling my name! (I let it go this time, but its going on my list!)

I realized today that I have only 2 weeks until I go to the temple. I am really excited, and feel somewhat inadequate, but I think that is normal. That is one thing I love about our church, we believe in effort, which is a good thing because I am extremely imperfect. I often make the same mistakes over and over again. I am so glad Travis will get to go with me :)

Till next time..

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