This week has been busy with school starting and moving in and getting back in the groove with work. I am really excited for this semester. I have just one class, GIS (Geographic Information Systems). I will also be working about 40 hours per week between my two jobs. It'll be busy but Travis is going to be super busy with his full class load and 15 hours of work. I think it will be good to have us both really busy so we don't bring the other down. haha

I love falling asleep and waking up to my sweetheart everyday. It is seriously my favorite thing about marriage. It just makes me giddy. I also love having a place for just us, our own home. I love planning together, making lunches together, and cleaning together. I guess that's probly a good sign, right?

We have our moments, and I get annoyed with him or my feelings hurt sometimes, and im sure he does with me too, but I love him to pieces!!!!

Some things I have learned about Travis this week:

1. He is super clean (BONUS)
2. He sings and whistles everything (its kind of hilarious)
3. He does whatever I ask of him with a smile

I think we will start guitar lessons this week :)

How did I get this lucky??? Look at that face

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