Today has been a great and busy day. I got to sleep in today because I had to come up to salt lake after class so Travis and I drove separately. He kissed me goodbye and I slept a bit longer! I got up and ready for the day then headed off to class a bit late.

After class I headed up to salt lake for a work meeting. The meeting has been awesome. We got to hear from a lady from tobacco free kids and a representative from the Utah legislative sponsoring a bill to raise the age of buying cigarettes in Utah to 21. It's a cool idea, and I hope it passes this session. 

I also found out during the meeting from a fellow intern that they are offering uta passes for part time employees now :D so after the meeting I raced back to work to get mine and here it is: 
 I am stoked about this. Free rides anywhere I want, who needs a car!!! Now we have this pass and a discount pass for Travis if we ever wanna go to salt lake together without a car. We are gonna hit that up next weekend for the lady antebellum concert! 

After work i got home and made some fettuccine alfreado with zucchini and red peppers for my honey and Adrienne. Adrienne and I then watched the first episode of the bachelor (tradition). It was rediculous and we loved it!!! So much drama! 

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