Today I got to school early and ran a mile and a half! then I went to class and to a Dr.'s appointment. I worked on some work stuff and got to see my friend Macie :) it was so fun to catch up with her!

Then we got to take on my little brother Trevor for the rest of the day. We got him some BB's for the airsoft gun we gave him at Christmas. My parents still haven't gotten them for him, so he hasn't had the chance to use it. Unfortunately the battery died and it took us 45 minutes to find the charger and we really needed to get home to cook dinner.

Travis cooked tonight and made delicious from scratch chicken strips. Trev loved them. I Also beat him at jenga. SUCKKKAAA. We took Trev to Travis' soccer game, and they lost but it was still fun! I'm excited for the weekend, still not sure what we are doing for the holiday but i'm sure we will figure it out!

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