Yesterday was a fun date night! We went to Travis' intramural basketball game, and I got the splendid duty of team scorekeeper. It was kind of fun! I definitely paid more attention to the game. It was an incredibly close game the entire time, and in the end they lost, but it was very exciting!!!

Then we went home and Travis changed and we went to applebees for dinner, life's gonna be hard when we run out of wedding gift cards ;) we also took back a couple of things and got more stuff we needed from bed bath and beyond and Target. There are so may little things you forget about needing!

After we had decided we needed to break out our board games since we got a bunch for the wedding and haven't used them yet. Travis hadn't played monopoly in a long time so we played that. I was killing him and he had to mortgage like 10 properties but he managed to get one good monopoly and bet everything on that. Like 3 or 4 times he spent all his money on houses or hotels, and it payed off cuz I landed on them every time I got around the board. Lucky him. As much as i didn't like to lose, it was really fun :)

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