Today was exciting! I got to ride frontrunner with my new pass. I felt so cool tapping on and off like all of the grownups who also got passes from their work. plus its FREE! I am so much more likely to go up to salt lake for stuff now that it is free. It's probly going to take off $50 a month for gas at least! LOVE MY JOB!

Today I was working hard putting together a proposal for some services the health department will hopefully (fingers crossed) pay for for my project. So I was working hard, I really was, and I almost forgot that I had a huge meeting that I was in charge of, and had sat up. I don't know what it was but magically at 12:40 I remembered, 20 minutes before the meeting. Divine intervention.

The meeting went great and im so surprised by how slowly they expect the report to get done. It didn't seem like it would be that much work. One of the guys doesn't think we will be able to get it done until September. My goal is to get it done by the end of  June. So I have 5 months.... why are these timelines in government so ridiculous??? A report should not take 6 months to complete, much less more than that. GEEZ la WEEZ.

I felt really confident in the meeting, even was cracking some jokes, and felt like I connected with the 5 other people in the meeting, which was cool because I haven't felt that way before really at my job. I always feel so small and inexperienced in meetings with anyone more than my two supervisors.

I have noticed that people at my work sometimes walk on pins and needles around each other. I don't ever want to do that. I also hate the way the department is set up. I think that really is my biggest problem with my job. cubicleville squashes creativity and discourages human interaction. If I ever get into a position of power I am going to prove to people that an open layout actually improves performance (there is plenty of evidence in successful companies that it does, I wont even have to experiment, I'll just show people examples) and makes people happier. We arent even supposed to talk in the halls of the cubicles? stupid? yes very.

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