Today was a lovely Sunday! It started with me waking up and asking Travis what he wanted for breakfast (he makes breakfast for me all the time so I thought it should be my turn) he said, "chocolate chip pancakes." And I said okay baby, he looked so happy, and exclaimed,"you know how to do that?!" I giggled and replied that I did.

We watched pitch perfect cuz travis really wanted to see it again. We then got ready for the day and went to church. Relief society was really good, we discussed Jeffry R. Hollands talk titled like a broken vessel. Look it up, it's good! 

Then we went to Travis parents for dinner, which was delicious as always, and we got to play with our nieces who are adorable. The big excitement was Travis' late Christmas laser pointer. Janelle was chasing it around like a little cat. Haha 

I then went to hang out with my mom and Kate's to watch the bachelor wedding :) all in all, it's been a good day! 

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