The last two days have been filled with work for me, and filled with school for Travis. I feel like I have barely seen him. Luckily I have been feeling accomplished with all the work I have gotten done.

Current projects:
-Work on proposal for a health app me and a team are developing for a major hospital association
-Work on analysis plan for my targeted evaluation of a tobacco policy program in SA and MH facilities
-Develop design templates for a health department report that I have been put in charge of
-Conduct systematic review of systemst thinking in health and draft paper for publication
-learn geographic information system mapping software
-increase knowledge and confidence in health statistics

I am feeling pretty good about my progress on all of these projects and am excited for the next couple of weeks!!!

Last night Travis and I celebrated one month of being married! Dinner was wonderful at station 22! 


Then we came home watched some parks and rec (we are obsessed) and drank a little bubbly (sparkling cider as some call it)! 

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