Some days you just really don't want to get out of bed..... That was me today. So I read blogs :) I'm lazy, whatever.

I've been obsessed with reading and finding blogs of women I grow to respect and enjoy reading about. I respect these women for their insights into life and their optimism. I have a couple of friends blogs who I read and am inspired by, check out Allyson and Madeline

My favorite blog to read is by Ashley and her life and business the shine project. I'm obsessed with her brilliant business model and totally wish I could work for her! For the mean time ill attend her events in Utah and buy threads merchandise when I can :) 

Also, I forgot to write about the other night when Travis got sick. He was throwing up (TMI?) and I started doing the dishes. He walks in and... this is how I know I have the best husband.... His biggest concern about being sick was that he couldn't do the dishes for me even though he had already cooked me dinner that night. Whhhaaatt?? Who is this man and how did I get him to pick me??? 

I need to talk about our dinner last night too. I've been watching this documentary on healthy eating and I went a little crazy with the vegetables last night because of it, luckily that's a good crazy. 

I made this disgusting looking smoothie that honestly tastes divine and is the healthiest thing ever. Here is what it contains: 

Pomegranate juice
Vanilla yogurt

The rest of our dinner included slow cooker chicken with brown rice (decided I am never cooking white rice again, this stuff is delicious) and broccoli. We had red and yellow bell peppers with hummus and a red leaf lettuce salad with cucumbers and carrots. Delicious and super nutritious!! 

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