Yesterday was busy! got to school at 9:30 for my GIS class and worked on a few little projects before I did my 2 mile run of the day (trying to run 3X a week, kind of failing at this point) then I went home and prepared a crock pot dinner, recipe here! six sisters is a great resource for delicious, but not always healthy, recipes.

This was a really easy recipe. and it included a lot of vegetables: red and green bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and avocados. Plus it is huge so we will be eating it for breakfast for the next week!

I watched an amazingly sad documentary on netflix, called its a girl. The documentary discussed female infanticide in India and china. I couldn't believe some of the things that go on in these countries and their treatment of girls and women. The documentary made me extremely grateful that I was born in the United States. We definitely have our problems here, but they are no where near as devastating as these developing countries. I have so many opportunities as a person in general and as a woman in the US that I would likely never have had I been born in these areas of the world.

I hope at times when I get discouraged by the media, by my struggles in education, my career, or as future motherhood that my struggles were fought for by women of the past, and are still being fought for in other countries. 

After this I went to a mentor meeting for a program called OUTRAGE, which is an anti-tobacco youth group. We got the chance to learn about upcoming legislative issues and help the students gain some confidence for next week when we all go up to educate legislators on tobacco related bills. It was a boring meeting, but I am really excited to help introduce youth to the political process and how they can change things locally, because most people don't realize this, but locally you can have a huge influence on policy change as a constituent. 

Travis and I got in bed around 8:45 and were dissapointed in ourselves for being such old people. We watched some Parks and Rec to make us feel better! haha 

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