Mlk weekend

We totally forgot this was a 3 day weekend until like Thursday!

On Saturday we went to the temple and then Travis hung out with his family while I ran errands and babysat for two cute little girls! I met back up with him for his second soccer game of the night. He scored like 7 goals, proud! 

Sunday we went to church and there was an awesome lesson in relief society. We went to my parents house to watch the Seahawks kick some 49er butt (it was a happy day at our house) a bunch of my cousins were over too. Here are some gems from the night 

Yeah. we are a little bit creepy ;) haha

On Monday we deep cleaned our apartment, went bowling with my family, and watched the movie, "the Truman show." It was a fun, relaxing holiday.

Also, I'd like to point out that my husband is the best. He made amazing breakfasts 3 days in a row (smoothies, waffles, and eggs in bread) yum! 

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