Moving in

We started moving into our new apartment Saturday Night after we flew in from San Diego and opened the rest of our presents with both of our parents! We are so blessed to have so many generous people in our lives. We were able to buy everything we could possibly need or want for our apartment for the next couple of years. I even got my very own kitchen aid :D (the only appliance I have ever really wanted) It's so pretty!


 Moving in took a lot longer than I thought it would! We were up late for about 4 nights just organizing and running errands. We are almost completely done now though! Just nee d a couple of more little things, like ordering some more canvas pictures, and maybe a little table for our living room.

I am a pro at KSL these days. I got a coffee table, 2 chairs, a nightstand and a leather ottoman for $115! pictures coming soon! 

We've had the chance to make yummy meals, desserts and have a lot of fun already in our new apartment! I love living with my incredible husband. He is so helpful and thoughtful. He helps me make lunches, he cleans, he shovels our driveway and is even cooking tonight. My life has gotten so much better since I got married :)

We are also having a housewarming party this weekend with our closest friends which will be so fun!

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