Our little home 1/11/13

I surprisingly have taken a lot of pride in our new little apartment, and so has Travis. I especially have loved decorating it. There is a ton of wall space in this apartment, which I haven't quite finished with yet (waiting on 2 more canvas 16x20 pictures and a wall hanging coat rack)

We had a housewarming party with some of our closest friends, the guest list was small because the apartment is TINY, but it was a lot of fun! We had J-dawgs and wedding cake (costco chocolate cake, really the only way to go). We talked and laughed and had a great time. Unfortunately I am a nerd and totally forgot to take pictures so I only got one of me and Travis!

Here are some pictures of the basically finished product. I love our home!!!


  1. such a lovely home!! i love that you had a housewarming party, i've always wanted to do that! xo

  2. Thanks!! It was really fun, right after we got married and moved in. We ate leftover wedding cake and jdawgs! I can't wait to have one in a real house :)