Wedding 12/28/13

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I got to marry the love of my life!! Our wedding day was incredible, so many wonderful things all wrapped into one day :) Everyone told me the day would fly by and feel like a blur, I didn't believe them until after the ceremony when the same thing happened to me! It was there then it was gone and we were on our way to our honeymoon.

The day started off around 6:30 when I woke up, showered, and put my makeup on. Then I went and got my hair done with someone I didn't know (my original hair dresser cancelled the morning before... It was a little stressful) but Bree did a great job here was my inspiration photo, I wanted my hair to be stable and out of my face
Real life

Then we headed for the temple. We waited in the lobby for Travis to get there. Travis and I got some time alone before the ceremony to just talk which was so nice. We kept pointing out how crazy it felt that the day was finally here. The ceremony was beautiful and filled with love, we had so many people there! The room was packed. 

Then we walked out of the temple and that's when the craziness began, the next couple of hours were filled with pictures, the luncheon, and a much needed "nap". My bridesmaids decided I wasn't allowed to set up for my reception so I got to stay with Travis a little longer before my aunt redid my hair for the reception. 

I was a little worried about how everything would come together for the reception, but walking into the room I was breathless. Everything was beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures because I cannot remember everything. We stood in a line for an hour and a half talking to our guests. I met a lot of new people, mostly Travis and my parents friends. 

Our music was super cool, for the first hour we had a pianist playing a variety of classy music. Then Travis friend Bryson and kylee played and sang a selection of music we chose. They were awesome and got people dancing at the end of the reception.

Then we did the father daughter and first dance. I loved dancing with my daddy and made him cry with my song choice, "I loved her first" Travis told me earlier that week, you only get to do this once get him in the gut. Haha Travis and I danced to one of our songs, "A thousand years." I loved it.

One thing that surprised me that day was that I did not shed one tear. I think I was too happy! Everyone kept telling Travis how happy I looked :) it was a great day. I loved every minute of it and am excited to be with Travis forever. I love him and I love being his wife :) 

Thanks to Anna Gleave Photography for all of our wonderful photos

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