Today was quite the adventure. Especially since I fell asleep last night having not brushed my teeth, or taken off my makeup. Travis tried to get me to get ready for bed, but I was a total grump and told him no and fell asleep on his side of the bed. He was all nice and did the dishes and cleaned up while I slept.

In the morning I was getting a little nervous because it would be my first day in the office. My real person reality was coming quick. I went to class, figured out some stuff for my calling (we had our first relief society activity child care activity tonight), and then headed off to the office. It was POURING rain.

I got into the office around 12:30 and the first thing that happened was they had ordered lunch from great harvest and got an extra sandwich for me :) they were like we always order lunch when we are in the office and we didn't want you to miss out!! watched then proceded scrubs on a big screen tv in the couch area. We also had doughnuts for someones birthday, I decided I like this place. Then I had a meeting with 2 girls and a guy about the grant we are working on. It was really productive and I participated a lot in the meeting, which I was proud of myself for, its hard for me to speak up especially when I am new.

Then I met with our CEO and I signed some papers and received my fancy brand new Mac book Pro (I guess I am hipster now). I started working on my assignments for this week. I already have 2 big assignments due next week, but I am totally stoked about them. I love this company. I love the business model, and I love that we are helping people feel more secure and have more knowledge about their health.

I also got this beauty :) Ready to work!

I came home and grabbed some stuff and ran to the church. There were a ton of kids (15+) that came for their moms relief society activity. We were overwhelmed to say the least. One little girl didn't stop crying the entire two hours. My assistant was sweet enough to walk around the building with her the whole night. I taught the kids about fruits and vegetables: we had a lesson with visuals, we screamed the names of everything I brought, colored fruits and vegetable coloring pages, played a matching game with the same thing, and then everyones favorite tasting the specimens. For the most part they only ate the fruit, but I was impressed by how many of the names they had down! Despite the sheer numbers it was pretty fun, little kids have so much energy and are typically super happy, I like being around them.

Things I want to buy

With a new job comes the feeling that I have all the money in the world to purchase whatever I want. Which I don't. haha maybe this will help me get it out of my system

Okay I did buy this one for real (it was my present to myself for getting a adult job)
$150.23 with Macy's 25% off deal, Fossil

How cute are these vinyl gold dots LOVE! need a room to decorate them with
$22.00, found on Fab.com
Polka Dots Decal Gold

I love everything from The Shine Project because of the good work they do
Travis got me a couple things from them for valentines day. I love the Shine bright bracelet
$62.00, The Shine Project
Neutral Stack

Piol design your own dress, oh if only I had $500 dollars to drop
I learned about this from barefootblonde hers turned out so great. Piol designs the dress specifically for you and your preferences.

I have heard these are amazing, and I finally ordered some. Picking them up on Friday for a night out with my girlfriends! I ordered amaretto, chocolate creme, framboise, and mint chocolate
$15.00, Macaron

Photo: The Original Flavors get a fresh new start!  Almond is now Amaretto, Vanilla is Vanilla Bean, Chocolate is Chocolate Creme with a NEW LOOK, and Strawberry makes way for a NEW FLAVOR...Framboise (raspberry)!


Today has been lovely. Started out the day right with eggs in bread prepared by my amazing husband. Yesterday I left a janitor a note in the Smith field house and finally got a text reply at 9:30 pm that they had found my planner. Hallelujiah. I almost forgot about my relief society babysitting responsibility this Thursday. I can't function without my planner.

I dropped Travis off at 9am and went and picked up my planner. I knew I was having lunch at noon with a friend at Blue lemon in Salt Lake so I decided to take a later train and do some work on the train and at a wifi cafe in city creek until noon. I ran into a guy from my home ward on the way to the train.

I had a fun lunch with my friend Annette. She is hilarious. I loved catching up on her life, but the conversation took a turn I wasn't expecting. We started talking about salaries, buying houses and cell phone bills, and at one point I stopped and was like AHHHH when did we get so old our conversation topics are so adult?? It was weird. I am a real adult now...almost. Not quite to full-time status, but the offer is on the table.

I also ran into my best friend from high school at blue lemon. I was in the middle of a conversation with Annette and saw her and was like um I have to go I'll be back. She probably thought I was about to throw up or something I sprinted off so fast! I love running into friends :)

I am grocery shopping after work and my goal is to get healthy snacks cuz travis is quite the snacker.

Grocery list:
Whole wheat bread
sour cream
string cheese
tortilla chips
granola bars
can whole black olives
fruit strips
green leaf lettuce
red, orange, and yellow peppers
butternut squash
chicken broth
slivered almonds

If you have any healthy snack ideas let me know, I am open to all ideas! I am trying out a butternut squash soup recipe today (I'm SCARED). I have never cooked with squash and have really only tried it once, but my friend Madeline Vance posted the recipe and I just have to try it!

I was struggling to stay motivated on my train rides at at work today. Gah. I am so tired for some reason, I better go to bed early tonight! The bummer is that Travis doesn't get home from school until after 8pm. sigh. At least I get to go running outside today!


My body  wont let me sleep more than 8 hours lately, even when I have the luxury of sleeping in it says no! Also, my super fun runny nose decided to come back. haha

Today I ran, worked, and went to class. I was able to come home after running and enjoy the beautiful day outside while reading over a recent draft of a grant proposal (fun stuff... but it actually kind of is).

I also finally got my transcription project sent out!!!! YAY!!!! everything still isnt approved but my manager was like this is ridiculous move forward. My thoughts exactly.  It was a long day, but I am getting a picture of what working from home will be like, sometimes it will be super nice and convenient and other times it might be hard to stay attentive and motivated, we shall see.

I did make a beautiful smoothie at least:

Mixed berries
and vanilla yogurt


Tonight was the second of two bachelor episodes this week, what a treat! Adrienne is coming over and I am making up a little salad with chicken... we shall see how it goes. haha


Today was a super busy day, as I started my new job. I had a meeting with one of the Doctors we work with. He was a cool guy, a BYU alumni in his residency. I also worked at UDOH. That place is a never ending supply of not able to get things done. I have been waiting for financial approval for one project for over a month. YIKES.

I also went to zupas for lunch and did a tiny bit of shopping at city creek since I was already over there. I am really tired even though I did not get much done. BLAH. I am really excited for Thursday, my first day in the office. I have been reading a bunch of stuff on our google drive and I just cant wait!

The rest of the night included eating a delicious asain chicken and veggies (we had 8 veggies in this meal people), cleaning out my car (it was 60 degrees outside!!), and watching a little bit of the bachelor, and simultaneously doing some work!

Girls Can

I don't support covergirl, but I loved this video they put together. Girls and women all over the world are told things they can't do. I love when someone tells me I can't do something, it gives me even more motivation to prove to myself and to that I can. 

I never thought growing up that my life would turn out the way it is now. I never thought I could graduate college, get a masters degree, and have a fullfilling and impactful full time job and be married to an amazing man. I didn't even know I wanted those things until I was older. I think everyone should have the chance to do exactly what they want to without scorn or judgement. I don't care what that is either if you want to be a stay at home mom or dad, have a career, go out on a limb with an innovative idea, be creative, I think it's great. I support people doing what they love. 

Do what you want, do it well, and forget about people who try to bring you down. 


This weekend we spent lots of time with family and adventuring around st. george! It was such good weather 65-75 degrees the whole time. I am sad to go back to the cold today.

Saturday we woke up early (sort of) and had breakfast with Travis' grandparents and brother and Sister-in-law (Chuck and Brittany). Then we headed off to Zions national park to get some hiking in (it was so beautiful we couldn't pass up the opportunity).

The hike was INCREDIBLE. Seriously the coolest hike I have ever done. The last .5 miles the hike was drop off on both sides and there was chains to hold onto. YIKES. but seriously if you have the chance, do it. Thanks to my friend Megan for the suggestion!

After the glorious hike we went and visited my cousin who just moved to Hurricane, Utah. Her kids are SOOOO cute! They have the fattest baby ever. LOVE him.

Then we went to Sakura (Japanese grill) with Travis grandparents. The craziest thing happened. I went to pick up my water to take a swig, and the entire bottom of the glass came completely off. Water went EVERYWHERE. It was pretty hilarious. We also got forgotten by our waitress and our grill guy was super grumpy. but we still had a lot of fun. Afterwords we just hung out at their grandparents house with Chuck and Brittany and chatted till we went to bed.

Today we went to my grandparents ward. Th relief society lesson was incredible, I was in tears. Three women in the ward talked about accessing the atonement through trials. Then we went to my granparents and ate some delicious dinner and hung out with my aunt/uncle and their toddler Luke.

Our drive home was hilarious, I drove this time and Travis did thank you notes. He kept asking me a million questions about what he should write and then get frustrated by my "rules." He really screwed one of the notes up. It was a never ending source of laughter. So, sorry if that was yours!!

It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend right before things really get crazy for me. Starting my new job for real this week. I got my official job offer from my boss yesterday and got set up on all of our accounts. I am so excited :)


Today I was supposed to get my official job offer.... Still nothing.

At least we left for St. George :) 

Excited for hiking, family, and warm weather!! 


Today was... pretty normal. Went to school, went to an extra credit lecture, did work till 4.

Travis made dinner while I poured over 30 pages of grant proposal and requirements. It was actually pretty fascinating stuff. I wrote a bunch of questions in the margins. I am meeting with the head doctor over the grant on Monday (YAY for real jobs) Travis is just excited that I get to hang out with Doctors all the time because we always prove our points by citing "the doctors" and now my citations will seem way more legit.

Travis made 2 delicious from scratch pizzas. Yeah he even made the dough. They were delicious. I wish I had taken a picture because he was so giddy!

After, I fell asleep for an hour and a half. whhhhaattt? haha Travis had a stake basketball game and then rushed home to catch up on the BYU/Gonzaga game, which we won! WOOT! I did the dishes while he was gone since he cooked. I then did some work while watching the game.

I also got a call from the CEO of my new company discussing some details. They are sending me an official offer today :) REAL JOB. AH!


The day was a bit crazy. I left around 8am for the frontrunner. Got to work and told my co-workers that I was leaving and about my new job. It was kind of sad. I had to reiterate the fact that I still had 3 months there! I worked on a couple of projects and left around 3:30 to head back to provo.

My interviewer from Orca emailed me last night to ask if I could actually start working this week. I was a little hesitant because I have so much to do to get ready for this job (mostly organizing my other jobs) but I said yes. YIKES. I have started emailing one of the doctors I will be working with on an NIH grant. My assignment is to get familiar with the grant until Monday when we meet and discuss my roles and responsibilities.

I came back to attend an event put on by BYU's Social venture academy where my team won the highest prize for the Best Idea Competition with our MoveWell project. This is exciting cuz we can move forward with the process knowing that they like our idea!

Then I went running with my friend Megan, much needed since I haven't run in like 2 weeks and hadn't seen Megan in that long! Travis got free dinner at an engineering things so I made myself an asian chicken salad with Yoshida's sauce. If you haven't tried this stuff you need to, It's the most delicious sauce ever. You can buy it at costco. Yum!

In celebration of the Olympics I watched a documentary on Netflix that went through the Tanya Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan Debacl of the 1994 Olympics. FASCINATING. Tanya to this day denys having anything to do with the attack... I can't decide if I think she did or not. She definitely had a huge reason too, you can still tell from her interviews that she hates and envies Nancy, still. Yikes.


Today was a day like any other. I went to school and worked for 5 hours. Then came home and worked while I watched a movie with Travis (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). He left for his soccer game a little before 6 while I was making delicious taco soup. 

My assistant for my church calling came over and we talked about what we should do for next weeks activity with the relief society children. I think the plan is to teach them about vegetables :) I am gonna bring veggies to look at, taste, coloring pages, play a game about it, and maybe even some type of song! STOKED.

After she left Adrienne came over and ate dinner with me while we watched the bachelor. MMMmmm love us some DRAMA.


Things got a little crazy and I didn't post about this weekend. Already slipping behind. Yikes. Sunday Travis and I got to teach the sunbeams for our landlord. There were 6 three year olds in our class and boy was it a fun experience.

There was a boy and a girl who we decided are in love. The little boy cried when she wasn't sitting in the seat next to him, and they kept having side conversations. haha another little boy was super smart and answered all of the questions in class but could not sit still to save his life. Another little boy had the biggest lisp and was hard to understand but it made him that much more adorable.

We taught a lesson on the holy ghost in 5 minute increments with coloring, games, singing and snacks in between each segment of the lesson. At one point the kids were getting out of control so Travis leaned over to me and was like what do you think will happen if I speak in Spanish to them. He stood up and started monologueing. At first the kids looked shocked, then they all started giggling and one kid looked at me and was like he's speaking Spanish!

After church we went over to the Sievers for dinner and played with our nieces. We came home and watched a movie, because monday was a holiday so we didnt have to get up early! woohoo!

Monday we played tennis with travis family. Half way through my stomach started killing me so I didn't get to enjoy it too much. After we went home and Travis grocery shopped and made dinner while I did some work.

We went to the mall to try to find me a briefcase and exchange the shirt I bought him for Valentines day. We still didn't get me a briefcase cuz it turns out the University mall kind of sucks when it comes to stuff like that. I am planning to look at city creek. I promised myself a long time ago that I would buy myself a really nice briefcase when I got a full time job and that day has come!

We then went to the chocolate to get a cazookie. Good way to celebrate President's Day!

My husband took a gazillion pictures of me eating upside down, too bad my smartphone is too smart and switched them!! HAH!


It got to almost 60 degrees today!!! :) we definitely took full advantage.

The day started out with our weekly yoga, Travis did way better than me this week, I blame not exercising all week cuz of sickness ;) then we deep cleaned the house while listening to the interestingly extensive music gallery of google (a little backstreet boys, nsync, and glee haha) 

We went on a beautiful bike ride on the trails near our parents houses. We went around pointing out house styles we liked or disliked. Then I went on a run with my mom which was a lot of fun. 

After we got some food (He wanted Chinese and I wanted Mexican) so we went our separate ways to pick it up and took it home to watch the byu game. Then Travis went back to Orem for his soccer game. 

It's been an incredibly active day! I am still trying to get used to the new job idea. Gah!!!