2/10/14, The Book Thief

Being sick is THE WORST. I didn't realize I was that sick until I went in to work. I started getting a sore throat the day before, but thought it would just go away like my one I had a couple of weeks ago. I am probably being a bit dramatic.

I got a lot done at work, surprisingly. I started the process of contracting with an outside agency to do some work for my project. I also worked on graphs for the bureau report that I am the lead on.  I left about a half hour early because I just couldn't make it any longer.

I came home and read for a couple hours, watched the bachelor, and some parks in rec. A solid sick day if I do say so myself. Travis made me dinner and cleaned up and did whatever I asked of him, he's so helpful.

I did finish The Book Thief. This book was a really fast read, because it is compelling and well written. The narrator is not a typically used one in my experience. This book is told from the perspective of death. There are so many poetic passages that bring a sense of beauty to such an awful time. You see world war two from the perspective of an adopted young German girl and her family. The book brings up a lot of issues from world war two that I haven't noticed in other WWll literature that I have read (to be fair it isn't extensive amount). Overall I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it

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