Lazy Saturdays are now my favorite thing ever. We haven't really had a full lazy Saturday since we have been married.

After we woke up Travis did yoga with me (yeah that happened), it kicked our butts. Then we ate breakfast and got ready for the day. We went to get Travis on my bank account, but that was a major fail. Apparently when you open an account when you are 15 you have a parent sign on with you and to change anything. So we went to get tacos at this place called Diego's in Provo... Yum. 

We went home cleaned the entire apartment, spotless. It was pretty impressive. 

We watched Miss Representation, my favorite documentary on the planet. Seriously, if you have netflix, watch it. Travis took a little nap after, he was doing this funny thing while he was sleeping where it looked like he was in pain... It was funny and scary at the same time cuz it really looked like he was in pain. 

Travis had a soccer game, for championship t-shirts. It was the dirtiest game I've ever watched! I was amazed at  how serious some people take these games.... Me and my sister-in-law were were saying it's like some of them think this is state championship. But it was fun to hang out with her! 

Now we are watching the BYU game, hopefully we win! 

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