I woke up this morning determined not to be sick anymore. I hate being sick, I hate my schedule being disrupted. I felt pretty good in the morning so headed to the train for work. I knew once our 2 hour monthly staff meeting started that I wouldn't last long.

I headed back on the 12:05 train. I had a quick skype meeting with one of my professors and a MD/PHD student in Chile. This is for the Systematic Review paper I am the lead on. We discussed the roles of each of the contributors and next steps. I am excited to have someone more qualified helping me with the paper.

Then I decided it was time to see what everyone was talking about with regards to the show Sherlock. Pretty entertaining so far. I still have 3.5 more hours till Travis gets home. I am so bored, and a little too fuzzy to work. Maybe I can get something done.

Did I mention I hate being sick?

At least we got to buy stuff from cvs. I love them. First national chain pharmacy to stop selling tobacco! 

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