2/14/14, Surprising emails that turn your life upside down

This has been the craziest week. I am still bewildered by what went down. To start off the week I was super sick with a headache, sore throat, fever, cough, body aches, ettc. Thursday I finally started getting my strength back and had a good day at school. In between my class and my meeting I received a very surprising email.

Flashback: last march I interviewed at a health app start up company in Sandy because I thought it looked like a cool experience. Turns out I didn't get the gig and they said it was because I couldn't give them the availability they wanted. I emailed them after asking if they did internships during the school year. They said definitely and that I should inquire back when I wanted to re apply. 

In October I was ready to re-apply for winter. The email never received a reply. 

Back to Thursday: The email stated that they remembered me asking about opportunities and interviewing the year before and asked if I'd be interested in coming on full-time to head up research for the company. They said I needed to respond quickly because they would start interviewing others if I was unavailable. (Whhhhaaaatttt?)

I quickly responded stating that I'd love to be considered for the position but due to my school/ other jobs schedule I could probably start part time but would be unable to be full-time until June. Their reply was that would work great for them and that they'd like to meet with me the next day (today). I quickly said yes. 

Today was good, I got a lot done at school and headed off to my thought to be interview. It was not an interview. It was a meeting to get me on board, excited, and negotiate my salary/start dates. 

I was a little blown away by everything. I am in love with the company (thus far) I feel like my role would be much like it would at a think tank with a Facebook like atmosphere. Say hello to the newest employee of Orca Health. If interested, look up one of their apps on the app store (Heart Decide is a fun one).

The next couple of months are going to be insane trying to finish up my projects and graduate while starting a new job. I'll be starting part time in March and then move to full time in June! I may be a little antisocial for the next 3 months, but come June 1st I'll have a normal, but super awesome schedule :) 

I never expected my first job to happen like this, it's still crazy to me!

In other valentines news, I started the day off delivering muffins to my classmates (it's tradition). I also surprised my hubby with some little gifts.

After the craziness of the day Travis and I came home to celebrate. We fondued it up. We had steak, chicken, pork, and veggies. Then moved onto fondue dessert (the best part) my favorite was chocolate covered cheesecake! 

Travis surprised me with gifts from my favorite jewelry (they are also an awesome charity) place, Threads which is an arm of  The Shine Project

Next we traveled to the ice castles, which we both thought were really cool.

We came home and watched the movie warm bodies, which was surprisingly good. Travis was like, "its a compromise, zom-rom-com!" Haha 

Hope you had a wonderful valentines day! :) 

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