It got to almost 60 degrees today!!! :) we definitely took full advantage.

The day started out with our weekly yoga, Travis did way better than me this week, I blame not exercising all week cuz of sickness ;) then we deep cleaned the house while listening to the interestingly extensive music gallery of google (a little backstreet boys, nsync, and glee haha) 

We went on a beautiful bike ride on the trails near our parents houses. We went around pointing out house styles we liked or disliked. Then I went on a run with my mom which was a lot of fun. 

After we got some food (He wanted Chinese and I wanted Mexican) so we went our separate ways to pick it up and took it home to watch the byu game. Then Travis went back to Orem for his soccer game. 

It's been an incredibly active day! I am still trying to get used to the new job idea. Gah!!! 

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