Things got a little crazy and I didn't post about this weekend. Already slipping behind. Yikes. Sunday Travis and I got to teach the sunbeams for our landlord. There were 6 three year olds in our class and boy was it a fun experience.

There was a boy and a girl who we decided are in love. The little boy cried when she wasn't sitting in the seat next to him, and they kept having side conversations. haha another little boy was super smart and answered all of the questions in class but could not sit still to save his life. Another little boy had the biggest lisp and was hard to understand but it made him that much more adorable.

We taught a lesson on the holy ghost in 5 minute increments with coloring, games, singing and snacks in between each segment of the lesson. At one point the kids were getting out of control so Travis leaned over to me and was like what do you think will happen if I speak in Spanish to them. He stood up and started monologueing. At first the kids looked shocked, then they all started giggling and one kid looked at me and was like he's speaking Spanish!

After church we went over to the Sievers for dinner and played with our nieces. We came home and watched a movie, because monday was a holiday so we didnt have to get up early! woohoo!

Monday we played tennis with travis family. Half way through my stomach started killing me so I didn't get to enjoy it too much. After we went home and Travis grocery shopped and made dinner while I did some work.

We went to the mall to try to find me a briefcase and exchange the shirt I bought him for Valentines day. We still didn't get me a briefcase cuz it turns out the University mall kind of sucks when it comes to stuff like that. I am planning to look at city creek. I promised myself a long time ago that I would buy myself a really nice briefcase when I got a full time job and that day has come!

We then went to the chocolate to get a cazookie. Good way to celebrate President's Day!

My husband took a gazillion pictures of me eating upside down, too bad my smartphone is too smart and switched them!! HAH!

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