Today was... pretty normal. Went to school, went to an extra credit lecture, did work till 4.

Travis made dinner while I poured over 30 pages of grant proposal and requirements. It was actually pretty fascinating stuff. I wrote a bunch of questions in the margins. I am meeting with the head doctor over the grant on Monday (YAY for real jobs) Travis is just excited that I get to hang out with Doctors all the time because we always prove our points by citing "the doctors" and now my citations will seem way more legit.

Travis made 2 delicious from scratch pizzas. Yeah he even made the dough. They were delicious. I wish I had taken a picture because he was so giddy!

After, I fell asleep for an hour and a half. whhhhaattt? haha Travis had a stake basketball game and then rushed home to catch up on the BYU/Gonzaga game, which we won! WOOT! I did the dishes while he was gone since he cooked. I then did some work while watching the game.

I also got a call from the CEO of my new company discussing some details. They are sending me an official offer today :) REAL JOB. AH!

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