Two major things happened today at church for me! I received a calling, and gave a prayer in sacrament (first time ever). 

My calling is the relief society activity child care leader. Which at first I was like ugh made up calling, but after talking more about it they want this calling to be a lot more than that. They want the night once a month to be a learning activity for the kids that come with their moms. I already have a bunch of ideas!!! It'll be fun to be around little kids more too. 

Speaking of little kids, we got to church a little early today to get a calling and one family came in and sat two rows in front of us. Little Maggie (who is probly 2 years old) climbed under the pews to come play with me and Travis. She was fascinated by the hymn book and flipping through it. I was captivated by her curiosity and joy. She talked and talked and talked and we could barely understand her, but I understand the gist of her communication, she was happy. 

I love how easily most kids find it to be happy. I want to develop this hold like happiness, finding happiness in every little thing. I feel like this is the type of joy of god. God is happy. And he wants us to be happy. 

After church we headed to the Sievers for Super Bowl Sunday! Seahawks won by a mile, so my whole family was happy, they are all from Washington on both sides.

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