Today was a super busy day, as I started my new job. I had a meeting with one of the Doctors we work with. He was a cool guy, a BYU alumni in his residency. I also worked at UDOH. That place is a never ending supply of not able to get things done. I have been waiting for financial approval for one project for over a month. YIKES.

I also went to zupas for lunch and did a tiny bit of shopping at city creek since I was already over there. I am really tired even though I did not get much done. BLAH. I am really excited for Thursday, my first day in the office. I have been reading a bunch of stuff on our google drive and I just cant wait!

The rest of the night included eating a delicious asain chicken and veggies (we had 8 veggies in this meal people), cleaning out my car (it was 60 degrees outside!!), and watching a little bit of the bachelor, and simultaneously doing some work!

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