My body  wont let me sleep more than 8 hours lately, even when I have the luxury of sleeping in it says no! Also, my super fun runny nose decided to come back. haha

Today I ran, worked, and went to class. I was able to come home after running and enjoy the beautiful day outside while reading over a recent draft of a grant proposal (fun stuff... but it actually kind of is).

I also finally got my transcription project sent out!!!! YAY!!!! everything still isnt approved but my manager was like this is ridiculous move forward. My thoughts exactly.  It was a long day, but I am getting a picture of what working from home will be like, sometimes it will be super nice and convenient and other times it might be hard to stay attentive and motivated, we shall see.

I did make a beautiful smoothie at least:

Mixed berries
and vanilla yogurt


Tonight was the second of two bachelor episodes this week, what a treat! Adrienne is coming over and I am making up a little salad with chicken... we shall see how it goes. haha

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