Today has been lovely. Started out the day right with eggs in bread prepared by my amazing husband. Yesterday I left a janitor a note in the Smith field house and finally got a text reply at 9:30 pm that they had found my planner. Hallelujiah. I almost forgot about my relief society babysitting responsibility this Thursday. I can't function without my planner.

I dropped Travis off at 9am and went and picked up my planner. I knew I was having lunch at noon with a friend at Blue lemon in Salt Lake so I decided to take a later train and do some work on the train and at a wifi cafe in city creek until noon. I ran into a guy from my home ward on the way to the train.

I had a fun lunch with my friend Annette. She is hilarious. I loved catching up on her life, but the conversation took a turn I wasn't expecting. We started talking about salaries, buying houses and cell phone bills, and at one point I stopped and was like AHHHH when did we get so old our conversation topics are so adult?? It was weird. I am a real adult now...almost. Not quite to full-time status, but the offer is on the table.

I also ran into my best friend from high school at blue lemon. I was in the middle of a conversation with Annette and saw her and was like um I have to go I'll be back. She probably thought I was about to throw up or something I sprinted off so fast! I love running into friends :)

I am grocery shopping after work and my goal is to get healthy snacks cuz travis is quite the snacker.

Grocery list:
Whole wheat bread
sour cream
string cheese
tortilla chips
granola bars
can whole black olives
fruit strips
green leaf lettuce
red, orange, and yellow peppers
butternut squash
chicken broth
slivered almonds

If you have any healthy snack ideas let me know, I am open to all ideas! I am trying out a butternut squash soup recipe today (I'm SCARED). I have never cooked with squash and have really only tried it once, but my friend Madeline Vance posted the recipe and I just have to try it!

I was struggling to stay motivated on my train rides at at work today. Gah. I am so tired for some reason, I better go to bed early tonight! The bummer is that Travis doesn't get home from school until after 8pm. sigh. At least I get to go running outside today!

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