Today was quite the adventure. Especially since I fell asleep last night having not brushed my teeth, or taken off my makeup. Travis tried to get me to get ready for bed, but I was a total grump and told him no and fell asleep on his side of the bed. He was all nice and did the dishes and cleaned up while I slept.

In the morning I was getting a little nervous because it would be my first day in the office. My real person reality was coming quick. I went to class, figured out some stuff for my calling (we had our first relief society activity child care activity tonight), and then headed off to the office. It was POURING rain.

I got into the office around 12:30 and the first thing that happened was they had ordered lunch from great harvest and got an extra sandwich for me :) they were like we always order lunch when we are in the office and we didn't want you to miss out!! watched then proceded scrubs on a big screen tv in the couch area. We also had doughnuts for someones birthday, I decided I like this place. Then I had a meeting with 2 girls and a guy about the grant we are working on. It was really productive and I participated a lot in the meeting, which I was proud of myself for, its hard for me to speak up especially when I am new.

Then I met with our CEO and I signed some papers and received my fancy brand new Mac book Pro (I guess I am hipster now). I started working on my assignments for this week. I already have 2 big assignments due next week, but I am totally stoked about them. I love this company. I love the business model, and I love that we are helping people feel more secure and have more knowledge about their health.

I also got this beauty :) Ready to work!

I came home and grabbed some stuff and ran to the church. There were a ton of kids (15+) that came for their moms relief society activity. We were overwhelmed to say the least. One little girl didn't stop crying the entire two hours. My assistant was sweet enough to walk around the building with her the whole night. I taught the kids about fruits and vegetables: we had a lesson with visuals, we screamed the names of everything I brought, colored fruits and vegetable coloring pages, played a matching game with the same thing, and then everyones favorite tasting the specimens. For the most part they only ate the fruit, but I was impressed by how many of the names they had down! Despite the sheer numbers it was pretty fun, little kids have so much energy and are typically super happy, I like being around them.

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