Happy Half birthday to me!!! Last week I jokingly mentioned to Travis that today was my half birthday, and when I came home this was on our coffee table and he was busy in the kitchen making dinner :)

I woke up super early (okay 6:15, but for me that's super early) and headed off to work. I was extremely jealous of my husband who got to sleep for another hour and a half. I had a couple meetings throughout the day at the health department. Around 11:30 I had a meeting at the American Heart Association to discuss a pilot study we (a group of students with a app development project) are doing with one of their programs. The meeting went really well and I was able to spend some time walking around salt lake. The county courthouse is breathtakingly beautiful. 

I went to blue lemon for lunch (best restaurant in salt lake, also catered our wedding luncheon). Then finished up the day with another meeting. I am stoked because tomorrow I am going with a survey team to an emo/goth concert to collect some data (how cool and random is that?!). 

After I got home we took a trip to Walmart to get groceries, because we had gift cards. We also got yoga mats so we could more easily continue with our Saturday morning yoga tradition!

Then we started our taxes, thank goodness for turbo tax, cuz doing it without that would be so frustrating. We got it done after a few stumbles. YAY!!!! 

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