I was a powerhouse of work today! I got so much done for my research job today.

My day was supposed to be filled with a lot more variety than it was but because I was on such a roll with my research job (which let me tell you... never happens) I decided to stick with it and do the other stuff on Friday.

I ran with my friend Megan after 6 hours of work and an hour of homework. It was fun to catch up, she doesn't have as much time for me now that I am married ;) haha

Then I came home, showered, read some of my newest novel, the book theif (I know you will be anxiously awaiting that review. Now I am laying on my bed with wet hair, and no desire to get up and make some dinner.... sometimes its nice to just rest for a minute. I think I will.

Just had to post this, so handsome! Plus he made that tasty dinner, here's the recipe.

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