Today was filled with work, running and time with my love. I enjoy Fridays so much! IT's my day to tie up loose ends of the week and Travis usually gets done with school by 4.

Our plan tonight was to have a date night. We wanted to go to the temple, fill up on some yummy dinner, and then head off to the ice castles (we just want to be as cool as everyone else ;)). We made it to the Timpanogos temple for the 5:15 session, which was wonderful. I love that place so much! We go out much later than I expected though.

It had started snowing and we were just getting to dinner at 8 pm. We decided we would hold off on the ice castles until we could go on a night where we wouldn't get there so late, and hopefully wouldn't be snowing. We decided that Travis should get his ski stuff ready for the next day, He is going skiing with his cousins tomorrow. He dropped me off at my house and I talked with my mom and sister while he wax his ski's and fixed some goggles.

It turned out to be a lovely night, just not what I had planned!

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