Travis left early this morning for skiing, and I got to sleep in. After working a little bit on my blog and posting it, I did a little yoga. I am continuing our Saturday morning yoga without my love today. Yoga really helps my back feel less tight. I am using Jillian's yoga meltdown at the moment, and I am pretty awful. haha I could only do about a half hour of the workout before my muscles were spent! hopefully I'll get better as the weeks go by.

Don't mind one of my toenailless toes (it fell off the day before my wedding haha)

Then I worked for four hours (fun things I do when the husband is gone). I did watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics while doing it. The introduction to the opening ceremonies made me tear up. The Olympics are such an amazing event where the world comes together.

I was disappointed in Russia with an article I read about how they made their female athletes do lingerie photo shoots, objectifying these incredible athletes made me really upset. It is also interesting that the last two Olympics have been in places that have so many questions with regards to human rights. I thought the interview with President Obama was really interesting addressing some big questions with Russia.

I did however enjoy the opening ceremonies. It was enlightening to see how many incredible things have come out of Russia throughout the years, especially artistic works. My favorite part were the floor projections, that was some incredible technology. 

Around 3:30 I got to hang out with my cousins till late. We went to the movie, vampire academy, which was way less horrible than I thought it would be, went to dinner and chatted for 4 hours! 

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