House of Hades: Hero's of Olympus Book Four

I finished this book this morning, I have been reading it for about a month and haven't had a ton of motivation to finish. Yesterday I remembered I really wanted to get the book thief from my parents house at night. I knew I didn't want to start another new book until I was finished with this one. I had about 300 more pages till I was finished. I read for about 2 hours in the morning while Travis continued to sleep (I was jealous since I woke up early). I also read the book while simultaneously watched the super bowl (go hawks). It was a pretty lame game since it was pretty much a blowout. haha

The book was pretty great! I didn't have any problem finishing 300 pages in 24 hours. There is a pretty heavy cliffhanger at the end, as you know that the next book will be a huge battle. I actually love this series. It's a 10 book series, if you count the Percy Jackson series which is basically the prequel series. It is is easy and enjoyable to read. You also learn a lot about Greek and Roman Mythology. After asking about the correctness of the references from a Greek mythology teacher I am led to believe the series is actually pretty accurate (to contrast the Disney movie Hercules has about 250 things contradictory to actual Greek mythology). I love that this series is 10 books, because it is one of those series you don't want to end.

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