People are amazing and make me cry

If you haven't seen this video yet, watch it now. It made me cry. I watched a documentary that showed a similar story a couple of weeks ago. There are places in the world where babies, especially baby girls are left in bags and boxes to die, because their families can't or don't want to raise a baby girl. 

It renews my faith in humanity that people like this exist and take on a responsibility (often gladly and without complaint) that isn't theirs. This happens all over the world and manifests in a variety of different ways. Caring for aging parents, adopting a child, caring for children whose parents have died, taking in an abused animal, the list goes on and on. There are so many incredible people doing things they have to do, even though they are incredibly difficult. These people are the noble ones. I think there are noble ones all around us. We need to recognize these people for  the good they do.

 I am going to try a little harder to thank people for the ways in which they have influenced my life and the lives of others for good. 

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