Sage advice

Read this article and thought it carried some very useful advice. I have read a few studies on the harmful effects of social media, especially on young adult women.

5 questions I will now ask myself when posting to social media:

1. Am I seeking approval?
2. Am I boasting?
3. Am I discontent?
4. Is this a moment to protect?
5. Is it kind?

To me these are important. I want to make sure that people realize I have faults and I do not live a perfect life. I think it is equally important to lift others up with whatever social media I post.

I also really liked this article on asking people you have close relationships with real questions. It has always 
bothered me how much we ask each other how the other is doing out of politeness. Why do we do this? we 
don't actually learn something about the other person. We get through the obligatory pleasantry and move on. 
I want to do more to actually involve myself, and be interested in the lives of my friends and family, I believe
asking people good questions and really listening are the easiest ways to show people you care. 

Some good questions I am going to start asking:
1. What did you do today, what was the most exciting part of your day?
2. When did you feel loved today? When did you feel lonely?
3. What did I do today that made you feel appreciated?
4.What can I do to help you right now?

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