Things I want to buy

With a new job comes the feeling that I have all the money in the world to purchase whatever I want. Which I don't. haha maybe this will help me get it out of my system

Okay I did buy this one for real (it was my present to myself for getting a adult job)
$150.23 with Macy's 25% off deal, Fossil

How cute are these vinyl gold dots LOVE! need a room to decorate them with
$22.00, found on
Polka Dots Decal Gold

I love everything from The Shine Project because of the good work they do
Travis got me a couple things from them for valentines day. I love the Shine bright bracelet
$62.00, The Shine Project
Neutral Stack

Piol design your own dress, oh if only I had $500 dollars to drop
I learned about this from barefootblonde hers turned out so great. Piol designs the dress specifically for you and your preferences.

I have heard these are amazing, and I finally ordered some. Picking them up on Friday for a night out with my girlfriends! I ordered amaretto, chocolate creme, framboise, and mint chocolate
$15.00, Macaron

Photo: The Original Flavors get a fresh new start!  Almond is now Amaretto, Vanilla is Vanilla Bean, Chocolate is Chocolate Creme with a NEW LOOK, and Strawberry makes way for a NEW FLAVOR...Framboise (raspberry)!


  1. JESS! Those dots!!! I'm obsessed and so happy you shared the link! I may have to buy them for my nursery... So adorable!

  2. Please buy them and send me pics of how it turned out! I need someone to since I have no reason to buy them :)