Welcome to my life

I have always been an avid journal writer, but the craziness of college has made it more difficult to keep up.

I had the idea to use a blog as my journal about 4 years ago, I was increasingly spending time on the computer (due to mostly just being a college student). Also, my paper journal writing was getting less and less frequent. I created a blog and tried it out. Major fail. My writing was extremely guarded (I think I cared too much about what people would think and so I was afraid to write my real thoughts down).

A couple of months ago I decided it was time to try again. I knew I wanted this blog to be for me to look back on my life, and wasn't sure about sharing it with the world. I decided I would keep it private for the time being, and see how it went and if it actually would stick.

3 months and 55 posts later I think it's time to share! I love this blog and the fact that there is a blogger app makes it really easy for me to update things when I am just waiting for someone or commuting to and from work. I post almost everyday! I post about my day, recipes, books, and movies. Really I post about things I want to remember and feel the desire to think deeper about.

I love reading other peoples blogs, and I thought maybe someone will want to read mine as well. I don't think I will post about my blog much on other social media since I update it so often (I don't want to shove it in peoples faces), but if you are interested in keeping up with my life, be sure to follow :)

Love you all and Welcome to my life!

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