I am feeling better!!!!!!!!! FINALLY. 

I was able to get a ton of work done today. I worked on stuff for all of my 3 jobs. I am totally getting back on schedule! I left work a little early today because I have to attend a meeting in salt lake at the University of Utah Hospital tomorrow. I came home, did more work and Travis made a DELICIOUS dinner. I am so lucky to have a husband that is totally on the same page of sharing responsibilities at home with me. He even admitted to me that he likes cooking! :) 

Check out the enchilada recipe we used here. Delicious and super easy. 

Tonight was also the finale of the Bachelor. Which was hilarious. Adrienne came to celebrate the hilarious drama that is the bachelor. I love how Juan Pablo and Nikki think they are going to get privacy in their relationship when it started on a TV show, good luck. 

After Travis' parents came over to watch the BYU game. BYU won so that is exciting! I worked during the game since I could care less. haha

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