It was another busy day at the Sievers house. We slept in till 9:30 and then raced off to our first thing of the day, BYU alumni financial seminar. It was really good. We went to a class on buying a house and on on budgeting/saving for the future. We learned we won't be buying a house anytime soon (so much stress involved in that process) and that we need to start saving for retirement now :)

Then we came home and cleaned the house, like we do every saturday! We got ready for my friends from high school to come over for potluck lunch. Everyone was late due to a bad crash on the streets, but we still were able to hang out for a couple hours and catch up.

After I headed over to Plato's closet to meet up with my friend Jaimie (shopping there is our thing). I didn't buy a single thing, I wasn't really in the shopping groove. We went to zuoas for dinner and met up with my friend Adrienne. The big event of the night was a performance by the BYU philharmonic and Jazz band honoring the life and work of Frank Sinatra, I love Sinatras music. The only bummer was that they didn't play my favorite song, All of me. It was a really good performance. Sinatra's pianist/conductor was part of the show and the singer they brought in was a very talented BYU alumni.

We also munched some Macarons. Aren't they pretty??

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