The past two days have been crazy busy. I've put in ike 10 hours of work each day. YIKES. On Tuesday I had a work meeting in Salt Lake and the U hospital. I met up with my friend jaimie after for a little bit because I could. haha

Yesterday I got home from work at 7pm. I had to finish something up at the UDOH office before I could go home. I GOT IT DONE!!! so pretty much I don't have to go up there unless I NEED to meet with someone, which means I probly wont go for at least another month. WOOHOO. No more wasting 3 hours a day on the frontrunner.

chicken burrito bowls
I made delicious chicken burrito bowls for dinner and Travis and I watched some parks and rec and just hung out until he had to leave for his soccer game. I finished up some work and created some graduation announcements to send out (WHHHAATT??) yeah graduation is like a month away. WEIRD.

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