I got a 96% on my GIS midterm!!!! YES! Last test of my graduate program. Don't ask me how I am actually doing in that class though because I have no idea, none of our 15 assignments have been graded.

We cam home from school around 2 and decided to take a nap since we got up at 7. It turned into a 3 hour nap. whoops! after our nap we took a walk in the sunshine. I love walks around our neighborhood because its real time to just talk without technology.

Travis made delicious spaghetti for dinner. Then I watched Grey's anatomy while finishing up some work. I'll be so happy when my 3 jobs go down to 1 so I can stop working at 5 or 6 everyday.

At least I am still finding plenty of time to be with my babe. This weekend, Travis' birthday weekend, is going to be a blast! Temple, dinners out, skiing, and perhaps a new pet in the works!!!

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